Benefit Auctions

Businesses have been hosting auctions for years as a solid tool for generating revenue. More recently, Successful fundraising leaders have also learned to tap into this incredibly powerful tool – the Benefit & Fundraising Auction. More..

Auction Success

Anyone can host an auction. But an auction that is poorly planned or executed can turn into a disaster. If your guests don’t leave saying “that was great”, you’ve not only hurt yourself for this event, but for future fundraising efforts as well. More...


Auctioneers come in all shapes and sizes, with a wide variety of experiences. However, using an auctioneer who sells cattle for a living may not be the best choice to conduct a fundraising auction. There’s a big distinction between benefit auctions and commercial or estate auctions. Commercial auctions are all about speed. Time is money. More...

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"...a full-service operation offering fundraising and event coordination tips as well as advice on how to stay calm for your big day! They are fun, funny and always available to help solve whatever crisis comes your way. I won't ever do an auction without them"

Amy A.
Executive Director